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Daily Bulletin | 16.01.2019

Daily Bulletin 16.01.2019 | 19:30 UTC
In Delhi, nature is pitted against development
Created in a grassroots effort by local residents, a biodiversity park near India's capital New Delhi serves as a green haven for people and wildlife. Now authorities want to build a six-lane highway across it.
Taiwan prepares to hold large-scale military drills to deter China
Amid heightened tensions in cross-strait relations, Taiwan's military is starting a series of newly designed large-scale military drills. Taiwanese analysts say the island should enhance its combat preparedness.
Czech dissident Jan Palach inspired action 50 years ago in Prague
In 1969, the Czech student Jan Palach self-immolated to stir his compatriots. He called himself "Torch No. 1" and warned the leaders of Czechoslovakia that others would follow his example if change did not come.
Huawei spying in Poland raises calls for boycott
The Chinese telecom giant's industrial espionage activities in Poland have prompted calls for the company to be banned. But while the US is leading the drive for a boycott, EU governments remain undecided.
Brexit vote defeat increases no-deal fears for UK car industry
With just 10 weeks left until the UK is scheduled to leave the EU, the prospect of a no-deal exit remains firmly on the table. That’s bad news for the UK car industry, which is already planning for the worst.
Opinion: Gillette ad takes blade to fragile male ego
Gillette's latest ad featuring men behaving badly has sparked a furious response from commentators. Men have every reason to be upset, says DW's Kate Ferguson.
Russia urges Japan to 'accept the result' of World War II
Russia's foreign minister has called on Tokyo to accept the outcome of the war in order to advance discussions on a peace plan. Russia and Japan have yet to sign a peace treaty since the end of World War II.
Brexit: What happens next?
British Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit deal has been rejected in an overwhelming loss by 230 votes in the UK parliament, so what happens next?
Sweden to end months without a government
Stockholm has been trapped in deadlock, with no party wanting to govern with the far-right Sweden Democrats. Social Democrat PM Stefan Lofven is set to retain his post by promising to bring his party to the right.
YouTube bans dangerous 'challenge' videos
Videos depicting risky stunts like the "Bird Box challenge" will not be tolerated, the site has said. Multiple deaths tied to YouTube stunts have been reported in recent years.
Opinion: Brexit likely to be Britain's greatest disaster
Prime Minister Theresa May has earned her defeat in Parliament and only has herself to blame. No matter how this Brexit drama ends, the damage will remain, DW's Barbara Wesel writes.
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