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Nothing transports you quite like a great movie. It can lift you out of your seat into the realms of fantasy, to make you laugh or cry, or thrill you to your bones.

A selection of films has long been a fixture of in-flight entertainment, but now, thanks to Virgin Trains’ onboard entertainment service Beam, you can make your train travel the stuff of dreams. Simply head to enjoybeam.co.ukor download the app.

So wherever you’re headed, why not head there via Hollywood, in the company of the biggest film stars and most acclaimed directors? With Beam offering such an excellent mix of thrillers, comedies, westerns and musicals to choose from, you’ll never want that journey to end.

Read on to discover some of the best films available on Beam.





It’s little wonder that this superhero movie became a sensation: director Patty Jenkins tells the origin story of Diana Prince – aka Wonder Woman – with such unbridled enthusiasm. Her film is mythic and funny; thrilling and romantic. Yet it is groundbreaking too – a female director behind the story of a female superhero, while never seeking to be more or less than a full-throttle adventure to appeal to everyone.

Jenkins was lucky to have Gal Gadot on board. The Israeli actress first appeared as the character in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, and here she proves more than worthy of iconic red-and-blue armour.

Events begin spectacularly on the mythical island of Themyscira, home of the immortal Amazons, where the young Diana aspires to be a great warrior (there is an unusual line in classical mythology running through this particular branch of the genre). The outside world literally crash-lands into hers in the shape of dashing American air force captain Steve Trevor (a wry Chris Pine), who persuades her to help him deliver a stash of secret intelligence to the Allies during the First World War. The body of the story is set amid the chaos of that conflict, where Diana gets her first true taste of mankind’s potential for evil.

Jenkins balances compelling action with some telling fish-out-of-water comedy as the bemused heroine is confronted by the innate sexism of the age. You can’t help but be swept along by it all.





The anti-superhero superhero, Ryan Reynolds’ flamboyant Deadpool breaks all the rules as he turns to regale the audience with his hilarious opinions. Tim Miller’s sardonic, meta action movie gives the genre a much-needed chance to laugh at itself. The joke is that Deadpool has the attitude of a unimpressible fanboy, pulling his own heroics to pieces as he tackles the bad guys in state-of-the-art car chases and fight sequences.





This sequel – or sidequel, if you will – to The Lego® Movie takes the same high-speed comedy approach to an animated world of toy bricks, only adding a dash of superhero parody.

Directed by Chris McKay, the droll story finds Lego Batman (voiced with gravelly self-regard by Will Arnett) having allowed his heroic ego to run away with him and out of touch with the good Lego people of Gotham.

Batman slowly learns he must ditch his veneer of solo-vigilante cool and accept some help in defeating a monumental team-up of multi-property villainy, including Godzilla, Sauron, the Wicked Witch of the West and a cornucopia of historical Bat-foes.





This exhilarating remake of the Yul Brynner (et al) classic adds some modern filmmaking muscle to the evergreen staple of a gang of gunfighters protecting a village from marauders.

The consciously multicultural lineup of good guys, roused from their drifting, cowboy lives by Denzel Washington’s Chisholm, includes Chris Pratt’s smart-aleck cardsharp, Ethan Hawke’s Southern sharpshooter and Martin Sensmeier as a tomahawk-handy Native American.

Peter Sarsgaard’s splendidly named Bartholomew Bogue leads the bad hats, out to rob the villagers of the prime real estate of Rose Creek. There is some post-Civil War tension hanging in the air, but nods to history aside, you feel director Antoine Fuqua stretch out into all the possibilities offered by the mythology of the genre. You’ll hardly have time to draw breath.





US auteur Wes Anderson turns his wonderfully eccentric, geometrically precise vision upon a central-Europe hotel between the wars and its hilariously punctilious concierge Gustave H (a never-better Ralph Fiennes).

Gustave negotiates an all-star barrage of lusty dowagers, heroic lobby boys, wheedling heirs, prison breaks, car chases, train trips (of course) and all the political stirrings of the age. It’s a slapstick romp that hints at deeper issues, with spirited cameos from the likes of Tilda Swinton, Jude Law and Jeff Goldblum.





A love letter to the great song-and-dance spectacles of old, this rhapsodic musical defied fashion to become an Oscar-winning hit.

The story portrays the romantic journey of Mia (Emma Stone), an actress trapped in a procession of crummy auditions, and Sebastian (Ryan Gosling), a restaurant pianist who longs to open a jazz club.They are two more fools adrift in a city of dreams, but neither is willing to sell out. The two leads dazzle as the tracks of their life express feelings that words can’t convey.





What better way to follow the Harry Potter series than to travel back in time for the adventures of Newt Scamander, the renowned “magizoologist” whose work is later studied at Hogwarts?

Eddie Redmayne dons the peacock-blue overcoat of the shy wizard travelling to 1920s New York, and whose battered suitcase houses a menagerie of magical beasts. The scenes inside Newt’s case rank among the most imaginative flights of fancy by J.K. Rowling.

Newt draws into his orbit an unlucky Muggle baker (Dan Fogler), a stern but attractive witch (Katherine Waterston) and her charming, mind-reading sister (Alison Sudol), as rogue fantastic beasts cause him to fall foul of America’s magical authorities. 


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