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Media about Macron-Merkel meeting: good atmosphere, but there are differences

Politika rovat / 2017-05-17

Media about Macron-Merkel meeting: good atmosphere, but there are differences
Commenting on Monday`s talks of the new president of France Emmanuel Macron German Chancellor Angelą Merkel in Berlin, the French newspaper writes on Tuesday at a meeting with a superb atmosphere, but accentuates the differences in ideas of both leaders on the reform of the EU.

Correspondent for the daily "Le Figaro" draws attention to "the contrast (between Macron visit) and the cold, which beat the initial phase of cooperation with Merkel (previous French President Francois) Hollande."

Julie-Marie Leconte with public radio France Info stresses that "her German colleagues do not recall anyone outside of (former US President) Barack Obama was greeted in Berlin as hot."

The change treaty to reform Europe


Commentators, however, are more cautious in assessing the concrete results of the visit Macron. "For just formulated sentences you see very different nuances," - warns Nicolas Barotte in "Le Figaro". "The German Government considers unrealistic proposals for a new president (France) on the budget or the appointment of the Minister of Finance of the euro area" - he explains.


Moreover - reminds Barotte - "Macron believes in the possibility of changing the current Treaties (EU) to the European project took on content, Germany, in turn, affected by the French rejection of the draft European constitution in a referendum in 2005, the approach to this theme with more reserved."


Barotte adds, however, sharing the assessment of other French commentators that "Merkel has waived the door slightly on Monday night," and the daily "Le Monde" even says that "Merkel and Macron are ready to change the treaty to reform Europe."


French press notes that during the Berlin meeting rarely fell the name "European Union". Most often they used a concept of "Europe" and talked about "the euro zone".


"Merkozy", "Merkollande" and "Macrel"


Perhaps this is due to the fact that - as recalled by Pauline Theveniaud in "Le Parisien" - "Emmanuel Macron during the campaign hammering (voters) to the head that he wanted greater integration of the euro area that would for the joint management and independent (from the EU ) budget. " Suggesting that this concept is a dramatic split of the EU on euro zone countries and a second category, commentator predicts that the "ambitions of the new President of the French Republic may encounter serious resistance at the 27 (EU), including Germany."


Columnists point out that their considerations must be verified by the reality, because - as the rapporteur said BFMTV station - "little infiltrated (to the public) of the meeting."


Recall in this respect that both Hollande and another former French President Nicolas Sarkozy had a draft EU reform and recovery and the sustainability of the Paris-Berlin relationship, but nothing came of it. "Is the duet" Merkozy "(Merkel and Sarkozy) and" Merkollande "(Merkel and Hollande) will finally have" Macrel "(Macron i Merkel)?" - jokingly asked commentator on France Info Guy Birenbaum.



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